Launched: Email & Password Login (Non-Google Login)

When we launched Coda 1.0 a year ago, our only login option was Google Login, which provided the added benefit of storing your permissions and doc stubs in Google Drive. While this has worked for a lot of Coda Makers, we’ve heard your feedback that it has prevented others from signing up for Coda at all. I’m excited to share today that after a lot of hard work across dozens of Codans to establish a new system for storing your permissions while meeting our stringent security standards, we’re enabling the option to sign up and sign in to Coda with whichever email address you prefer, paired with your designated password.

We hope this empowers even more people to make amazing docs in Coda.

Until a few days ago, creating an account and workspace meant your docs were connected to Google Drive. Now, all new workspaces moving forward will be backed solely by Coda. We will continue to offer the ability to connect your workspace to Google Drive on request; just ask via our support channel to get you set up.

In other words, moving forward, signing up with Google Login does not mean that an account or workspace is backed by Google Driveーit’s just one way to prove you are who you say you are.

A few important things to know:

  1. Email + password login is supported for new email addresses only; if you are already using Google Login with your email address, you cannot currently set that same email address up for email + password login
  2. If your team already uses Coda, your company’s Coda administrator will need to explicitly allow non-Google login
  3. We recommend setting-up two-step authentication for improved security and account recovery. You may do so at any time via your account settings:

Important Information for Existing Users

If you already use Google Login, but would like to create a new account that utilizes email and password login using a different email address, you should make sure your company’s IT policy and Coda administrator allow non-Google login; this may require disconnecting your workspace from Google Drive if it is currently connected. Let us know by emailing and we can help you make this transition.

Once you are cleared per the above, you can set-up email and password login for a new email address by following these steps:

  1. Sign out of Coda

  2. There are a few options to do so, but a common one is Click your avatar > Click the kebab icon (3 vertical dots) > Sign out

  3. Navigate back to

  4. Click “Sign Up” in the upper right hand corner

  5. Click the ‘email’ hyperlink in the text beneath the “Login with Google” prompt

  6. Follow the steps and provide the required information to setup your unique email & password login

  7. [Optional] We recommend setting-up two-step authentication for improved security and account recovery. You may do so at any time via your account settings:

The experience on mobile for non-Google sign in is still a work in progress, so expect to see that get cleaned up over the next few days.

We’re continuing to keep our Help Center updated with more information related to your login, sharing and account security options, so please check there for the latest and greatest.


You people are amazing. This is such a game-changer. Thank you!


LOL thank you! I’ve been reading previous requests for this & writing a suggestion on your forums for the last 20m – exactly when you posted this.



Would it be accurate to replace “email addresses” with “accounts” here?

:clap: :clap: :clap:
Been waiting for this for a looooong time!


Coda need more new users.
Non-google login is that way.

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What about folks with existing workspaces?

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This is an important step for those organizations that don’t use GSuite. Thanks a lot


Wow! Fantastic.

Same question here as @MrChrisRodriguez - for existing users, what happens to our google drive coda files. Are they still being used, can we delete them?

I see this checkmark in the Workspace Settings:

And this popup:

What are the rules for which documents would lose sharing permissions?
Thank you!

I tried to follow the instructions to move my Google login to email (by signing up again) and I am getting always the connection to Google email access authorization.
Not sure how can I change it to Email + Password (existing client).

Thank you very much.

We didn’t touch existing workspaces; those remain connected to Google Drive. If you’d like to migrate your workspace off of Drive, please contact support and we’ll help get you sorted out as the process is not self-service quite yet.

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Hi @Ed_Liveikis,

When migrating your workspace off of Google Drive, we will attempt to read the existing permissions from Google Drive for each doc and copy those into Coda. There are a couple of important notes here:

  1. Sharing with a Google Group is not something we can support on the Coda side, so those are lost.
  2. Reading the current permissions out of Google for a doc requires that at least one of the users with edit access on the doc has a valid Google token we can use to call Google’s API.

So, when we kick this process off, usually we find that a bunch of docs migrate but a few do not due to issue 2 above. For those docs, we then ask you which option you’d like to take:

a. Delete the doc
b. Lose the existing permissions on the doc
c. Have the current doc owner log in with Google so we can get the token to call Google’s API.

Does that make sense?


Hi @Daniel_Vianna,

As stated in the launch notification, this isn’t currently possible in a self-service manner.

Email + password login is supported for new email addresses only; if you are already using Google Login with your email address, you cannot currently set that same email address up for email + password login

This is a security measure intended to limit the ability for a malicious actor to trick you into granting them access to your account. That said, please contact support if you want to migrate completely off of Google sign in.

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This is awesome! Is it supported on iOS? I am not seeing an option.


That all looks great, but you did not describe where are documents will be stored in the case of an existing Google-backed account that it is not changed (an account that continues to use Google OAuth to log in). If you did, I am sorry that I missed it.

Hi @rwd,

All documents are stored on Coda servers. The main difference here is what is being used for access and control permissions. In the case of already existing accounts that are “backed by Google” there is a file stub that is a placeholder file used to reference permissions. You can check the file size of any of those and see that they aren’t big enough to be the actual docs.

So in the case of already existing accounts, your files are still on Coda servers, just the permissions are in Google drive.

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Hey @geoff, good question! We’re working on getting an update out for our iOS and Android apps very soon, targeting this week. Until then, you can log into Coda on your phone/tablet with an email login using the mobile website.

Is there any advantage of separating the docs contents (on Coda servers) from the permissions (on Google servers)? I cannot see anything obvious.

So the login type determines where the permissions are stored: email & password (new) going to Coda and Google OAuth (old) staying at Google Drive.


Hi Chris! Thank you very much for this. I was re-reading your post and now I understand what you mean. I misread it.

Thank you.

Hi @rwd,

There aren’t really any stand-out advantages to one or the other. If your team uses Google accounts for other purposes, some like having the option of organizing their docs in G-Drive alongside other projects. There’s not really a functional difference that would make me choose one over the other.