New here, trying to decide between Notion, Airtable and Coda

I am an Excel lifer and very impressed with Coda. I am trying to figure out which product to put all my stuff in because they are all quite good at some things. So to check in with you folks, my situation is simple: I have no need for collaboration/teams, I just need a place to put a few projects (goals/client/exercise/finance tracking, a writing wiki/story bible for characters, notes, etc. for fiction, and maybe study/course notes). A couple questions:

  1. I am using Brave as a temp for some finicky sites like this but would never use Chrome-based for a regular browser, is there any plan to get Coda going on Firefox?

  2. Any plan to allow for different login than Google?

  3. Is it feasible at this point to have an expense app doc in Coda that could quickly be accessed in Android with an add new transaction quick-add button/field including a “take photo of receipt” option etc.? I have setup an expense base in Airtable and added to my homescreen with this setup, checking if this can be done in Coda with the same ease and functionality.

  4. Any way to move Coda docs in Google Drive to their own folder?

Thanks for any help :slightly_smiling_face:

In light of


And no answer from the devs, my bet is Firefox isn’t going to be supported.

Similarly, the dependency on gmail/drive isn’t going away, with all the privacy implications it implies.

Despite loving Coda, I haven’t been able to onboard my team (since we all use Firefox) nor convince Management (Google Drive is a no-no for company IP), and have been waiting for a few months for any sign of goodwill from Coda now.

Unfortunately, I think I will move on to Notion or Airtable.

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Both Firefox support and non-Google login are big priorities for us. I don’t have dates but they are coming.

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On point 3, i think that is possible if I understand it correctly since the image column type allows you to upload / take a picture on mobile.

On point 4, you can move the Coda doc to whatever Google folder you want and later you may have the option to organize docs in Coda instead of Google.

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Yep to add on to @jerols comment a bit

#3 - one trick to get Coda docs to pin to your Android home screen is to load the doc in chrome on android, and click “add to desktop”. I have a home screen full of Coda doc icons - really makes them feel like apps. And any image column can directly upload from your phone / camera.

#4 - another trick is to go Google Drive and search for app:Coda which will show all the Coda docs you have, and then you can move them into folders as you wish.

And to confirm on the others:
#1 - browser support beyond Chrome is coming
#2 - allowing non-Google login is coming as well. It depends on a feature we’re working on to allow team spaces that aren’t Google Drive backed, which might also help with #4


Firefox now can’t find any /docs

. this sucks .