Firefox beta access 🤫

Hey everyone

We announced Safari support earlier this week & we’ve been hard at work on supporting Firefox.

We’re now ready to have community users test Coda on Firefox in Beta! The experience may be buggy & we’d appreciate if you can help us by reporting bugs.

If you’re interested in testing Coda on Firefox, please respond below and we’ll get in touch with instructions.



What a fantastic news :grin: !
I would happily test Coda on Firefox :grin: :tada: !!!


me! me! me! :wink:

Weirdly I realize the whole reason I switched to Firefox is so that I could use Chrome as my dedicated Coda app. But now that I live most of my life in Firefox, it would be handy to be able to use Coda there, too!



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I’m interested in testing on Firefox.

I would like to try out Coda in Firefox! It’s the only site keeping me from uninstalling Chrome.

Yay! I wanna test this. Will it work with Firefox for Android too? :fox_face: :robot:

Excuse me, but may I ask you why?

Yes please. I will help.

@Pahbloo_Marks The Coda mobile experience should already be working on Firefox. Please lmk if that’s not the case.

Been waiting for this – would love to beta test on Firefox.

It doesn’t work for me. I’m using Firefox Beta 68.2b7.

I use Firefox as my primary browser, I’d love to help you test!

Very much interested - sign me up

Ready and willing. Sign me up!

:clap::clap::clap: I’m interested!

I’m interested on it

Me! Would love to try it out.

Hey @Pahbloo_Marks Firefox mobile works on iOS and looks like you’re on Android. We haven’t tested it on Android so it might be buggy. But if you’re interested in helping us test Firefox on Android, I could grant you access.

Why I would like Firefox access? Or why I wanted chrome dedicated entirely to coda? If the latter, just so that I don’t lose coda in a sea of browser windows. I use Coda so constantly I really wanted to have its own dedicated app.