Make community links accessible with Firefox


I really would appreciate if links submitted by the forum would be accessible in Firefox.

I mean the web app is only working in chrome right now but making forum only accessible with chrome is a thing I can’t understand.

The app is great but switching everything time to chrome just to read about and post questions about it?




I raise you: make accessible with Firefox, please :pray:


@Manuele_J_Sarfatti - we have some work to do to make Coda accessible with Firefox but @Norbert_Fuhs we’ve got this working for the community. Give it a try and thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the work on this @mallika currently I understand if an beta doesn’t support all platforms :smile:
but I understand that Firefox support for will take some time and many efforts… and again I must say this app is the best cloud based sheet app I’ve ever seen…

I really can’t wait to see how coda will take off when there is multi browser support and and an desktop.

So if I make suggestions to your app they’re just suggestions I really appreciate what has built up in such a short time.

Even some apps I was invited to test back in the days weren’t as stable and fast as your beta when they were released…

So no stress :wink:

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Keep the suggestions coming! We appreciate that and that is the whole point of the Beta.

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@mallika I’m afraid the community is not accessible from Firefox any more :confused:

Also: any update on full support for browsers other than Chrome?

Thank you!

Have let our devs know about it. Hopefully the community will be back on firefox soon. All of Coda - that is still in the works…

I love Coda, but I can’t really share anything with the rest of my team as long as it doesn’t work with Firefox. I myself am a staunch Firefox user, and the only reason I accept to use something else for Coda is because Coda is just that good.

I can’t ask other people to do so though, nor can I ask my clients/partner to “please open this link in this particular browser” like we’re back in 1995.

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As a productivity platform, choosing the only browser to support is harmful for Coda. And the underlying reason why Coda chooses Chrome, which is just the Google account, damages the image of Coda.

I thought the non-support for other browsers than Chrome is only during the beta period. However, Coda comes to 1.0 with the awkward situation. The deep dependency on google’s is the choice that Coda team made. But I think making Coda indepent on things from one specific company is more suitable as nowadays decenterization is more and more focused.


Yep. I have not yet onboarded my team, despite building some very intricate and complex applications with Coda. I don’t suppose we are the majority, so maybe Coda team shouldn’t care, but if the dep on Chrome (and Google accounts) remains, I will sadly move on with something else.

I must point out that though I myself want Firefox for ethical/ideological reasons, both the companies I work at ( one is an NGO and one is a startup with tech trade secrets) can’t, by policy, use a web app that would depend on either one of Chrome or Google, so I don’t even have a choice in the matter.

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