Can't change my profile name. Please help!

Hi everyone,

I noticed that there’s an option to change my profile name on Coda but when I try to click on it, it’s disabled. As I have the highest level of access, I am unsure as to why the option is present but unavailable. Can you please help me out here in changing my profile name?

Thank you kindly in advance!

Hi @Gabriela_Koleva and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’m not sure but if you signed-up using Google, your Coda account might be tied to Gmail …

So, if that’s the case, from what I’ve found at the bottom of this “How do I get my profile picture into Coda?” from the Helper Center, you might need to :

  1. Set up a password for your Coda account on
  2. Remove Coda from Gmail
  3. Change your Coda account name

If that doesn’t help :innocent:, I would suggest you to contact Coda Support through Intercom by clicking on the big bold question mark (?) you should find at the bottom right of a doc or in your workspace and then clicking on Contact support :blush:

Hi Pch,

Thank you for the swift reply. My account is indeed connected to Google. I would like to ask for a bit of clarification on point 2 - remove Coda from Gmail. Is that still in the When i try to remove the account from there, I get this warning:

Are you sure you want to remove?

This account will be deleted from Coda. Any docs connected to this account will no longer be able to use it to fetch data or take actions.

Since I am an admin and Doc Maker, none of my colleagues would be able to work if I proceed with this and it will cause a lot of issues for them. Is there an alternative way without loosing my Documents?

Thank you! Hope you have a great day!


From what I’ve understood in the “Quick Tip”, I think that would be in your Google account (so somewhere in, :blush: :

Once that’s done, you can go into the Google account settings and remove Coda.

But only after you created a password for your Coda account (so would now need to log in using a password + username).

As I’ve never done this :innocent: and before involuntarily misleading you into a fatal error, I’m going to ping @Shaina_Torgerson and @Jasmine_B … As one of the two wonderful Codans they are :sparkles: would probably be better suited to help you out here :innocent: !

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