Change my Coda Community Profile Name

Hi, this question was asked previously but the thread was closed and I can’t comment on it. I would like to change my profile name in the preferences for the Coda community to not include my full name. I am currently apart of a GSuite Group. In the previous post someone from Coda changed the name for the user manually, can that please be done for me too?

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Hi @Lindsss :blush: !

I don’t know how that would be done but maybe @Shaina_Torgerson would have an idea :blush:

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I can absolutely do this for you, @Lindsss ! What would you like your username changed to?

Hi Shaina, could I change it to: Lindsss? Thanks @Pch for tagging Shaina and thank you @Shaina_Torgerson !

No problem @Lindsss :grin: !

You got it @Lindsss ! You’re all set :smile:

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Hey all! Please note if you would like your Community profile name to be changed, please submit a ticket with our Support team via chat or by emailing and one of us will get this updated for you!

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