Change Coda Community username

Hi. I would like to change my Coda Community username so that it’s not my gov’t name.

Would like this changed to aesterisk_ if possible.

I tried reaching out to an individual directly that I saw could grant such power in a different post, but got no response. Can anyone help?

Hi @aesterisk_1 :blush: !

I think the Great @Shaina_Torgerson :sparkles: have this wonderful power :smiling_face:

Thanks for reaching out @aesterisk_1 ! I’ve gone ahead and changed your username to aesterisk_1 as your username must end with a letter or number. Hope this works for you :smile:


On a separate account question…I mistakenly created more than one profile :frowning:

I’m assuming there isn’t a way to merge or my accounts? Or maybe deactivate one?

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@Dustin_Good1 - No worries at all! At this time, there is no way to merge accounts, but we can absolutely delete/deactivate one of them. Please let me know which one you’d like deactivated.

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Hey @Shaina_Torgerson, please take a look into your messages.

Thank you.


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