Can I upload a doc into my coda template using the API

Firstly, I was wondering how Coda is planning on to expand their API (what are the future additions that might be done) and secondly, I have a question that isn’t there any way through the CODA API to upload a document/PDF into one of the coda templates that I am working on?

Can anyone help? I need to know whether there is any way to upload a document through the Coda API to a Coda template or not?

Hey there! I think we are likely getting confused by your use of the word “template”

A template has a very specific meaning in Coda, and is a doc in a liminal stage - not yet quite a doc, but rather the promise of structured doc later

Do you simply want to upload a pdf to an existing coda doc? And if so where do you want to upload it specifically?

You’ll always get more help in the community the more context you can give to your need!

By template I meant to refer the document that I will be working on as a user (the new Coda doc that I will be working on for my personal stuff). Sorry for confusing you guys with the template word. Here, I am just talking about a document that I will be working on and creating.

I am creating a new coda doc and in there I want to add a pdf/doc to the newly created doc. The new one could either be appended on the first page of the doc or could be put in a new page by creating a new one. The location is not relevant, but I am trying to upload a PDF to the Coda Doc and I think APIs are the only way to do so.

By the way, I don’t want to upload the pdf manually, I am trying to upload the pdf when I am not using the document and I guess that can only be done via APIs as of now.

Is it so? If you have some other method to do so, then do let me know

Any update on this @Scott_Collier-Weir

Hi @VISHAL_VATS - Glad to hear you are using Coda and the API. To answer your questions:

We don’t have a public roadmap for the API, and at the moment we tend to make additions to it based on user demand, the needs of our partners, etc.

Currently the API doesn’t allow you to directly modify the canvas content of a page, nor does it allow for direct upload of media. The closes workaround would be to have a table with a File column, upload your PDF to some temporary hosting platform with a public URL, and then use the API to insert that URL into the File column. Coda should then read the file from that URL and ingest it into the doc.