Can I use Coda for....?


Hi Guys.

Love the idea of Code. I currently sell a tennis journal for tennis players to record their match data.

I would like to put together an online version of the journal myself without the aid of any developer where a player can:

  • Log In

  • Add/Update/Delete Matches

  • See basic stats based on above

Can this be done with coda?



You definitely can use Coda for this. From a first glance, I would say that all features listed are possible. There are also nice sharing features so you could create a document as a template and people can copy that document and make it their own.

I think the only question is charging for it’s use. Once someone has the document, they can share it with anyone else.

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Hey Ben thanks for the reply. The more I look into it the more I think it won’t work.

Ideally you would 1 doc for each player?. The player would sign in and have access to only their doc. I could then give access to coaches to the docs of their players.


Hi Fabio,

Functionality is there, but Coda is not a platform creator. You cannot create systems that have log in and such.


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Thanks Lloyd. Played around with it and can see the functionality is good. Pity about the login as would have been fun to do