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Hi, I was trying coda last year but given how limited it’s the free version, I left it. Now I’m back, but before I pay for the Teams version, I’d like to explain what I need Coda for and if it’s possible, if you could help me I’d really appreciate it!
I need to build a course in coda, which can be entered through a link on my web page, only invited people will be able to enter, once you go there each student sees their own page with their statistics and information, there are subjects and exercises, each student should be able to answer the questions separately and have their own follow-up.
In addition, where there is text, it would be ideal if they could not delete it but could add their own notes.
Also that they cannot delete the content in all the pages but they can add information and answer questions.
I am also interested in knowing how they would see the doc when entering, would they go directly to their page or would they go to the coda page where all the docs are and would they have to choose the doc?

I think that coda seems to have many possibilities to create but the information is so segregated, it is difficult to find and the truth is that everything seems very complicated, that I would spend more time creating a doc than using it.
So if anyone can tell me if all this is possible before wasting time and money with the Teams plan I would appreciate it.

I haven’t poured through this page, but you may find it helpful.

I believe what you’re describing is possible since Coda has rather granular permissions and robust filtering capabilities.

However I do feel your question. I too am pondering how to best share my creation in Coda. Do I partner with an organization and then create one doc for the entire org? Or do I create an individual doc for everyone? Or do I create one for management and separate docs for their team? What makes this decision even more fluid is the fact that Coda is working on some new releases that will help with sharing and updating data from doc to doc. Very exciting stuff!

All in all I think you’re going to find Coda can do what you need. I also think the huge value add will be that costs don’t go up as more people use your creation. Especially when working with students, you don’t want to add any cost barriers…so in the long run I think Coda is very reasonable in terms of pricing.

Coda functionally can definitely do all that you’ve listed. Coda has locking to lock certain pieces of text, and you can use formulas to make text inside tables non-editable.

But keep in mind that locking is not a security feature. Locking is like a guardrail that keeps your user on the path you want them to go. But if someone really wanted to jump the guardrail, they can. In your case, this could mean a student could view entries from others if they really wanted.

You mentioned…

each student sees their own page with their statistics and information

If it’s surface level info that everyone is fine knowing, it’s probably fine to use, but definitely don’t include private information

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