Needed ideas for launching educational platform using CODA

Hi community, I’ve been creating a lot of different management platforms for events and cultural projects. Now I have this challenge: to gather lots of tutorials and async lessons for students (~500) but I have some constrains.

1-I need to share only some pages to the community, but not all of it and
2-I need to share some pages as view mode and others as editors

My limitations:

  1. I can’t publish the doc due some copyright issues of the information that we are creating ad hoc
  2. I can’t use the “institutional email validation log in” approach because we can’t let students from other careers to reach our info

Is there any way to do this? What would you suggest?


I found this workaround that let me put editable sections inside a View Only Coda.

Due that my most important feature was to implement a “ticket” system that allows students to send teachers messages asking for help, I created a Form and I embedded it into de main Coda with View Only permission.

Now I have to resolve my second issue: invite ~500 people to this CODA with view only permision instead just publishing the doc, because I can’t let uninvited users to reach the coda. I asked to Coda Team if there is any way to authenticate users linking my educational platform login system but they told me it is not possible.

Any ideas about how can I dynamically manage users with view only permission?

Hey @Cristian_Reynaga ,

I also thought about using Coda for online courses, but I figured it wasn’t designed for those purposes, especially when it comes to different roles and granular access.

Currently I’m waiting for my early access at, it seems to be very similar to Coda but made for online classes.

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@M_Schneider this is an excellent suggestion. looks like a promising alternative. The platform I’m developing doesn’t track students progress. After several blogs, wix, ad hoc platforms and Google Drives/Dropbox we are gathering lots of pdf, tutorials etc into one single coda.

I will wait for my early access to trana too and find out if that is a better option than coda.

Thank you.

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