Can Coda satisfy my niche need?

I heard that Coda is the best platform to build an app of sorts for your business and that is what I need.

I help students with college applications and want to create a Coda workspace for all my clients. Creating a wiki for all my college application resources is easy.

However, I want there to be a space for each student to write their application essays that only that student and I have access to / can see in the shared workspace. I can’t figure out how to do this through any tutorials.

Is this possible and how would I do that?

You need to create a doc for each student and then give access to then individually.

Will the members that do not have access to that doc be able to see that the doc exists?

If so, is there a way to hide the doc for all but the intended user?

Also, is there a way to automate this process?


As long as you give the people access to specific docs, and not to the workspace, you should be good.

But it is not possible to automate that.

If you want to automate the creation of the doc and inviting them then that is possible :slight_smile:

Reach out to me at if you need help !

Why, it is. I have a pack (private yet because I built it for a client, but I own it and can distribute it) that creates copies of docs, shares them, sets up Sync Table Pro tokens etc — pretty much end to end. Everything required for that is in the API already: copying docs, sharing with people, setting share settings (e.g. no copy), installing tokens with webhooks.

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