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I’ve watched all the Coda essential videos and perused some YouTube videos but I’m still not certain on the answer to my question.

I’m trying to build a space for an alumni network which will include a directory, resources, mentors, and some tools. So far I love what I’ve been able to build by incorporating OpenAI pack and some other embeds however I’m not sure how to efficiently build out a space that is personalized (filtered) to each alumni member. Do I have each member copy the doc, or can this be accomplished with User formula?

Basically I’d like each member to on-board by filling out a doc that matches them with relevant content and mentor while also giving them access to their own Ai assistant that helps them with a variety of writing tasks.

Each time they return to the doc they see content on the topics they highlighted on their on-boarding form and see available mentors / coaches who have relevant experience. They also see the content generated from their Ai assistant.

I understand I may be asking for something that Coda wasn’t designed for since it meant to be a doc and not necessarily a web / mobile app…however I find myself spending more time with Coda and less with Airtable + Softr. I’d love if I could build this with Coda but also don’t want to keep spending time on it if it’s ultimately not going to work well.

Any guidance or resources would be appreciated.

Hey Dustin, nice to see you here! I normally chat w/you on Twitter. If you run the content through tables and formulas, you could probably use the user() formula to accomplish this. But if it’s mostly canvas content and/or separate pages, then it might be a better pattern to use a template they can copy.

Paging @Scott_Collier-Weir as well, as he’s done something similar with Coda School, IIRC.

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I was thinking in bed last night that perhaps I will be doing a combo of both.

Maybe each physically localized group would need to have their own copied doc configured for the sections that contain specific data / projects related to projects in their community. Then within that group I could use the USER fucntion to ensure they’re only seeing their space. If I’m thinking of this correctly this approach would limit tables from getting to big and impacting performance?

The section that contains shared resources, research, mentors, and an internal alumni directory would then be cross-docs connected to master docs containing the aforementions resources, research, etc?

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