What is coda, how to use it?

Hi Coda Community Team, I am new here. I am looking for some information related to coda and its uses. Can I use coda.io for my Collapsible Rigid Boxes business online? Kindly give me reply. Thanks

Hey @Asher_Christopher ,

Welcome! The short answer is yes. You can definitely use Coda for your business. Coda is extremely flexible and has so many use-cases.

Right away, the front home page of you website has a form on it - You could easily build out a similar form on Coda for example and then track and sort the data coming in through that form!

I would check out the Doc Gallery or start out by looking through → this doc. Those are both great resources when new to Coda.

Reach out if you need more help or more questions answered!

Welcome to Coda!

If your business uses information, you can make use of Coda… :wink:

Personally I have two websites published using Coda, I have FINALLY found a Personal Information Manager that satisfy me.

I use it at work (software implementation) to gather requirements, record the design and track action items.

I built a document that a priest uses to manage his wedding and baptism catechisms, automating the process of sending (template) emails and keeping track of scheduled meetings.

I have built a document for a friend to manage her property rentals, contracts, renewals, tenants and prospective tenant lists.

And I am a Coda “absolute beginner”, as the song says.