Is Coda for Small Businesses?

For the benefit of new Coda users who are small business owners asking themselves - "Is Coda my solution?"

It’s a few years since we have been following the development of Coda. I like to play with data in Coda. Codans are still providing one of the best support one can experience. Community (especially selected few) have provide a massive input on solutions and hacks.

Nevertheless, as a small business owner there are 2 questions that I don’t have a clear answer for:

1. What is Coda’s most useful feature for a small business?

  • Learning tool for Excel formulas
  • Google Sheets and Docs combined in one
  • Blogging CMS
  • Data dashboard for internal users*
  • Back-end for web app/portal development for external users**

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2. Who is Coda best suited for?

  • Individual and family members organising private information
  • Entrepreneurs making startup business decisions
  • Business owners organising managerial internal business data*
  • Internal personnel who intent to streamline internal processes*
  • Business owners looking to create ‘client-facing’ content**
  • Business consultants (non-developers) creating solutions for their clients**
  • Developers who would combine Coda with other technology

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*Employees onboarding/training, supply management, time-tracking, task-distribution, office supplies, stock inventory, or any other content in table, kanban, floating text or similar which would be used for internal purposes only.
**Project setup, task management, pricing calculator, fleet management, bug-tracking, data charts, testimonials page, etc. which are shared with external parties.

If there is interest in this topic, I will try to moderate it and until we provide a satisfying answer on the above 2 questions. Please, if you feel that polls or summary information could be improved in any way, I encourage you to provide feedback in the comments below. Also, provide links to similar topics from the community.

Let’s help small business owners be realistic on what Coda could provide for them.

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