Can more lines be displayed from canvases from Card view?

Hi everyone. I have a table for recipes which include a canvas column called ‘Macros’.

I would like to know if its possible for card view of my Recipes table to display all lines from the ‘Macros’ Canvas, instead of the only the first 2 lines.

Is this something that we can customise or are we stuck with this default setting?

In mobile, I can’t even see any lines. Can this be changed?

Hi @marcusqwj :blush:

Sadly, I think at the moment, this is a “what you see is what you get” situation when it comes to cards :pensive:

Card views are meant to be used as “summary” with key info and we don’t really get to customise them (other than what you already did) :pensive: .

What you could do though as a workaround to this limitation of the card view is add a button to open that row in a detail view :blush: (as they are more flexible in terms of design than cards)… displaying all the necessary info about the meal :blush:


Hi @Pch . Thank you for your explanation.

It’s a pity we can’t change the display of canvases for cards, but I can understand the design direction from Coda.

Card layouts have been a bit confusing to set up as what gets displayed and what doesn’t seems random. For example, I’ve noticed a trend where texts tend to have a higher chance of being display cards than canvases. (Using text is not possible for my use case - as I must reference a template page.). In other cases, some text don’t get displayed. I’ll continue exploring, and hopefully something works.

Your suggestion for a button to open another view is great. However it’s not quite what I want, which is to quickly compare information between different cards.

I think I was drawn to cards because it’s the only layout where information can be shrunk/compacted on mobile, but I suppose it has limitations as well.

Once again, thanks :smile:


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