Can you send Slack messages as a custom Bot?

We already have a Slack bot with custom automations implemented in other places. I’d like to create some integrations to Slack using the Slack Pack, mainly sending messages. Specifically, I’d like my messages to appear as coming from @CompanyBot, not @HenryHarrison. But I can’t figure out what I need to do during the authentication flow to make that happen. I can’t log in as @CompanyBot. So, is it possible?

Bump, one year later…

This is what I do, but I log in as @CompanyBot. Is @CompanyBot a regular Slack user? Or some other kind of Slack user type? (mine’s a regular Slack user)

it’s a bot user, as far as I know you can’t log in as a bot user.

Yes we can create a dummy account, it costs money (on paid Slack) but nothing crazy, but its a weird workaround to create a normal user for a bot and means making an exception to our policies such as 2FA. Maybe worth it but not ideal.

It just seems to me Coda should support posting from a bot, from my experience that’s a more typical use case for an integration and it’s strange to implement user impersonation but not bot posting. I think the bot case would have been easier to implement too…

Come to think of it, we can make bot posts just by hitting a webhook. Do you know if there is a HTTP POST action yet?