Can't input powers of 2 in Coda?


Even can’t copy and paste powers of 2 .

I don’t need calculate powers of 2 , just input .

Use the LaTeX pack:



Thanks. Got it .

But need more steps.

FYI to avoid confusion, the syntax is e.g. LaTeX::Math("2^{10}")

You pass the formula string. X^Y makes a superscript. Wrapping Y into curly braces {Y} makes sure that superscript is applied to all text in braces, otherwise it will only be one digit.

Format("{1}{2}", arg1, arg2) is a different, unrelated formula just to make inserting values in a template string easier. Could’ve just used Concatenate or + instead.

LaTeX::Math("2^{" + Column2 + "}") would’ve done the job just as well.

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Thanks for tips.
Thanks for tips.
Thanks for tips.