Is there a way to access the Source of LaTeX formatted column?

I’d like to use the source coda of a Latex Field from another column to concatenate it with another LaTeX Code but it doesn’t work because it sees the Column as an image.
Is there a way to get the LaTeX code?
I now that I can make two columns but that’s not what i wan’t.

Hi @Stephan_Graf,
I think that this is not possible.

However, I’d suggest you to decouple the text formulas from the LaTeX generation, so that you can combine them as you like through Format() function.

For example:
Formula 1 column: \gamma^2+\theta^2=\omega^2
Formula 2 column: \sum(a + b)
(and so on…)

You can have individual representation of LaTeX formula through:

LaTeX::Math(Formula 1)

As well as any composition through the Format syntax:

LaTeX::Math(Format("{1} * {2}", thisRow.[Formula 1], thisRow.[Formula 2]))

I hope this helps.

Thanks @Federico_Stefanato
I knew that I can make multiple Columns and combine them but didn’t knew the Format Formula, thanks.

Hi @Stephan_Graf
Happy it worked!
The good part of Format() is also that you can created nested Format() sections, therefore complex structures.


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