Launched: LaTeX Pack

For our mathematically-inclined users, we’ve just added the new LaTeX Pack! This enables the LaTeX::Math() formula (and Math column format) you can use to render LaTeX display math markup into high-resolution SVGs that show up right in your Coda doc. If you haven’t used LaTeX before, check out this helpful wiki page on it.

Please give this Pack a shot and give us any feedback on what works and how we can make it better!

P.S. under the hood, we’re using the popular open-source MathJax project.

P.P.S. since we never posted here about it, we also added a Trigonometry Pack a few months ago, which pairs well with this LaTeX Pack!


Coda did have a hidden _LaTeX() function for a while now though :wink:

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Yup! We’re going to rip out that experimental formula shortly so if you’re using it anywhere, it will break. We were also using a different API for that which wasn’t scalable or producing as high-quality output.


I have Been using theis Pack for more than Year.

I Like it alot.

I have even make some Calculatores the use this pack and alteres de formulas accordingly.

Where can i post some Renders that are not working properly?

for those that are new to latex, i use this link to help generate the proper code ande then copy it over to coda.

Hope this helps?

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I am using the Latex Formula in a lot of my Study documentation.

How can I Migrate to the new formula quickly?

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Hey Gavin, as Paul noted, most likely you have been using the hidden _Latex() formula. We just launched this new LaTeX Pack an hour ago, so please update your docs to use the LaTeX Pack and its LaTeX::Math() formula, and check if things are getting rendered properly with it now.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to go through your formulas one-by-one to update them – the old formula was hidden and experimental, so using it was at your own risk. :slight_smile:

Love it! This is a perfect example of embelishing the platform with things that help people help themselves and others. Instead of misdirected efforts to add “features” that attend to one idea or problem, this is a platform improvement that is impactful across many use cases. Split() and array handling (for example) is not a feature - it’s a pathway to innovative use cases that are virtually endless.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!