Canvas Column Parent Row Filter Not Working With Contains()

I have a subtable inside of a canvas column. The table is filtered using ParentRow which works as expected when the filtered value is a single item, or a comma separated list of items.

Both formulas work:
Example: thisRow.Contains(parentRow) //only if parentRow column has a single value
Example: thisRow.Contains([item1], [item2])

However, it doesn’t work when referencing a column with multiple values from the ParentRow.

Example: thisRow.Contains(parentRow.[Metrics])

I’ve been trying to get this working and tried many, many things but I can’t seem to get the filter to work when referencing multiple items inside of a column.

Hoping one of you Coda geniuses can suggest a fix and end my frustration!

Hi @Mike_Ray

Try using ForEach() function like that :wink:





Thank you!! ForEach is working and such a simple fix too.

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