Filter All Rows in a List of Rows

So I’m trying to create a fairly complex filter and I’ve run into a wall. I have a list of rows, found like this:

BigList.filter(thisRow.column = column)

It gets all of the rows that have the same value in the same column. I now want to remove all of the values from this view with the filter. It’s a part of an if statement, so I can’t leave it as is and have it filter. I’ve seen the code for the default filter formulas set the row as = -1, but that just seems to remove some of the options (the first I think). FormulaMap doesn’t seem to work either.

If it helps I can share the entire formula and my ultimate goal, but the rest of the filter seems to work.

hi @Scully_Ethan ,
you might consider to share a doc with the example, that would help others to understand your case and maybe even to solve it with you.
cheers, christiaan

Hi Christiaan, here’s the full story:

I have a big list of individual projects (row items), and each of those projects have a unique name (column A), belong to a partner (column B), and have a status (column C, there are around 12 but for this example we’ll say they are New, In progress, and Done).

What I’d like is a view that only shows ‘New’ projects if all of the projects connected to a partner are either ‘New’ or ‘Done’.

Now I’ve recreated it in an example, and, lo, it works. But, in my main document, it does not. A bunch of projects that I’ve confirmed have related projects “in progress” are still visible.

Real doc code:

If([All Articles].Filter(
    School = thisRow.School AND
    Or(thisRow.Stage = "outline finished",
    thisRow.Stage = "outline reserve",
    thisRow.Stage = "outline school review",
    thisRow.Stage = "ready to write",
    thisRow.Stage = "seo",
    thisRow.Stage = "copy editing revisions",
    thisRow.Stage = "copy editing",
    thisRow.Stage = "copy edited",
    thisRow.Stage = "school draft review",
    thisRow.Stage = "school edits/revisions",
    thisRow.Stage = "pending")
  ).Count() != 0,
  thisRow = -1,
  [All Articles].Filter(School = thisRow.School AND Stage = "Open").First() = thisRow

Figured it out after pasting it. Coda likes to hide the “thisRow” in thisRow.Stage, which should have been currentValue.Stage.