Capture user time zone in a form

I have a form where a user has to select their time zone. The ideal scenario is that I could set the default select value based on the timezone the user is in.

The ideal scenario cannot be achieved as I cannot use url parameter with the CurrentTimeZone() formula. The next workaround is to capture the user time zone value via an automation. But the automation only returns the value UTC and not the actual User Time Zone displayed.

Has anyone tried capturing a user’s current time zone from a form by capturing the value of a formula column? Is it possible to do that?

Here’s the link to the form.
You can see that Coda is able to detect your time zone. The question is how to capture that valuable information once the form is submitted?

Hey @boonshin,

Great question, the only way that I know of on “How to do this” would be to have the form results pull the submitter people column value, then have another column outside of the form, that uses the currenttimezone() filter with that people column value.

You should be able to do something like CurrentTimeZone(thisrow.[name of column with submitted by people column]

The other option would be to just pull a list of all the timzones and make a select list that they can use.

Hope that helps!



this is the only valid option you have

forms are a sandbox and the timezone lives in the browser (in coda) and not in the form so you cannot detect it based on the user filling out the form.

cheers, christiaan