Centralized todo/issues list

We are analyzing coda in a manner of trying to develop a checklist model where users have to do a bunch of tasks and write down some details about those tasks. In that regard we would like to have a centralized todo/issues list, which could be created anywhere in any document and that we could refer to the original location. Is that possible in coda? What’s the best approach?

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Have you seen this reply on a similar question:

@Federico_Stefanato replied in a very comprehensive way:

We will be glad to assist whit more specific questions, as in general the reply is “yes”!

Thanks, but our use case is a lot simpler and different. Coda has a commenting mechanism that is quite interesting, but we couldn’t find a way to have a central repository of those comments with a link back to its origin - that would probably work for us.

Yes you are right @Pedro_Pais,

More community members have posted their wish to get the comments accessable for different reasons.

Let’s hope that the Codans will pick this up and provide options to use this valuable data and to keep the users in Coda, instead of using a separate tool to comment.

But is there a separate tool or workaround we can use?

Dear @Pedro_Pais,

I know that some use Slack for this purpose.
Something, that according my opinion is not an option.

Thanks. I don’t think that’s the best choice, either.