Change a value in a Table problem

I have a table called Strava Data. All I am trying to do is check if a particular Activity is named “Yoga” and change the value in that row in the Pace field to blank. I can’t see any videos or very much help on how to do this simple sort of thing. I am trying to do this as a column formula and strike out every time.

Hi Rick, you could create a button anywhere in your document with the formula
ModifyRows( [Strava Data].Filter(Name = "Yoga"), Pace, "" )
clicking that button would set the Pace to blank for every row with name Yoga. when you no lomnger need the button you can delete it or hide it on a hidden page

another solution would be to use a separate column. say you have the column Pace which contains your current pace, you create a column called Pace (formula) and its formula is

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Thanks! OK I will try this out. So, would I put this as a column formula? I would rather not use a button since I am populating this table with Zapier from Strava so it would be better if it can automate automatically.

Worked great! Thanks so much. Still learning this and more interested in manipulating data that is coming in using different formats so that I can display it and calculate it properly.

Hey there, Rick! I am a long time Strava user and athlete.

I also am the creator of the stravapack for Coda, I’m just curious, what led you to use Zapier to populate the rows, rather than the native stravapack that already exists?

Curious to know so that I can maybe make the pack better for people like you!

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Hi Scott. Your pack looks great! It looks like you did a lot of work. However, I am just learning Coda and thought I would try and build something for myself with data I use a lot and is easy to get. However, if I decide I just want to get my workout information without any hassle, I’ll definitely look at your pack. Thanks for reaching out!

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