Changing a value in a table

The Strava Data table is in my database. All I am trying to do is check if a particular activity is named “Yoga” and set the pace field in that row to blank. There are no videos or other help on how to do this. As a column formula**,** I keep hitting an error.
In addition, I created the Stravapack for Coda, so I’m curious, what led you to use Zapier rather than the native Stravapack that already exists?
If you have any questions, please let me know suggestions for improving the pack!

Hey there!

I’m the creator of the Strava pack - are you using the Strava Pack or syncing in your Strava data in other manners?

If you are indeed syncing with the Strava pack - it’s what we call a one-way sync.

Meaning it’s a window or view into the source data which exists in your personal Strava account.

You cannot change the values in the Strava Packs table because that would be akin to actually changing the Values in Strava themself.

That would be a two-way sync. Something which, as of now, Coda does not support

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