Change Stacking Order of Series in Charts

I have a histogram chart counting first occurrence, second occurrence, etc of an event and the time at which it happens (normalized to 0: 1 day, 2 days, etc). The series are broken out by number of occurrences so that we see a timeline. I’ve attached a screenshot.

Unfortunately, the first series stacks on top of the second, so the order is backwards. It makes more visual sense for the second occurrence to layer on top of the first, etc. Is there a way to rearrange the stacking order of the series so that Series 1 stacks below Series 2, etc?


Thanks @chris_homburger for bringing this to our attention! We’ll look into fixing this.

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Hi @chris_homburger, just wanted to let you know that has now been fixed.

Amazing, it looks much more natural now! Thanks, @nathan and team!

Is there any way to control the order of series, or are they sorted lexicographically?

UPD. Seems like segments are ordered not by alphabet but in the order they appear in the data set. I wish I could manually reorder and assign colors to them though.

Right now I have:

I want Productive time to always be in the bottom, then Wellbeing, then Routine, then Wasted time. And I want to keep Productive time blue-ish, Wellbeing green, and Wasted time red.

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Hi @Paul_Danyliuk, thanks for sharing this request!

Today, they are generally sorted by order in the data set. You can try applying a sort to the chart, on the column used for the series - in some cases this will achieve what you need.

Yeah, that’s a good suggestion. I’d like to be able to customize chart colors as well though… Right now those seem like Highcharts defaults.

Great! Currently we use a color set that matches Coda’s color palette for text formatting, and totally understand that it would be helpful to customize the colors used for each part of a chart.

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