Changing calendar for the new year

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I hope, anyone can help me with a question.
Let me describe the problem.
I have a very large table, calles “Master Service Calendar”. It contains the yearly personal calendar of 124 employees, so the table has over 40.000 rows. There are different reasons to use such a big table, and we found (together with the Coda team) no other reasonable solution.
Anyway, the solution works great. But on the years end, these calendars needs to be prepared for the next year. If I would copy that page (which contains the “Master Service Calendar” table) and exchange the calendar values and replace that page, then I would later need to update every formula, which references the old “Master Service Calendar” table.
So my question is: Is there an opportunity or formula to change the calendar date values for the next year via an action?

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hi @Foerster_Matthias ,

you can use two buttons.

  • one to delete all rows
  • one to add new ones.

I focus on adding new rows and this is the code I used.

Sequence(Date(2024, 01, 01), Date(2024, 12, 31))
        Sequence(1, Employees.Count())
                [Next Year]
                    [Next Year].theDate,
                    [Next Year].employee,

below how that looks like for 3 employees (over 1000 rows).
It generates per employee a date;
Maybe you have to do it in parts like 4 times 60 employees) since we talk about a lot of rows.

I am curious why one would need so many rows…

cheers, christiaan

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