Changing the "Zoom" of Gantt Chart

Have found myself wanting to change the zoom levels of my Gantt charts lately, especially for longer running projects. Have already got the Product team exploring resizing options, but in the meantime here’s a useful trick to quickly change the resolution of the Gantt:

Basically this takes advantage of a Date Picker canvas control which is bound to the Gantt view via this formula in the filter: Start>=[DateRangePicker].Min() AND End<=[DateRangePicker].Max()



I’d love to give this workaround a try! Not sure what the broken image link attempts to show, but I’d love to be able to see it (I’m a visual person). :sweat_smile:

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Great feature! I believe the code is now different - it didn’t work for me until I used:
thisRow.[Start Date]>=[GanttDatePicker].Min() AND thisRow.[End Date]<=[GanttDatePicker].Max()