Gantt Window Cropping

We’re in need of the ability to look at a specific window of time for a Gantt chart. The current behavior of the gantt view which auto-fits to the min/max start/end dates of all the rows and combining with start/end filters isn’t quite working for us in all scenarios.

Our use case is needing to look at a list of project assignments per person and get a high level visual read of the next 2 weeks for that person while being able to quickly make adjustments to the assignments from that same view. These assignments can be either quick (1 day) or long (multiple months). So when we view assignments that are quick and long together in the same gantt view, it becomes less accurate while making visual adjustments and also less predictable as to the knowing what the current timescale is.

As a workaround we’ve created some formulaic start/end date columns that do respective min/max comparisons with the real start/end columns, then clamps itself to predefined window of time, then we set the gantt to use those columns instead. But we then loose the sliding interactivity of the gantt view.

Having this feature would let us keep sliding interactivity while also removing data indirection with our formulaic workaround.