Gantt view with each row as a person but dates listed on another table

I’m trying to display a gantt view of people assigned to projects but the dates of these projects are listed on a separate projects table.

Is there anyway I can display a monthly gantt view with each person assigned to a project in that month to be displayed as their own row?

I’ve got an example of the projects/people table here:

Ideally it’ll be something like:

Person 1 -------
Person 2 ---- --------
Person 3 ---------------------
Person 4 ----

Dear @Sam_Smith,

Hopeful I did get it right.

When you create a view of All Projects and make the “display column” [Lead] , like in the screenshot below.

Then you change it to chart and:

Edit: When you create a new column, you can combine the content of the columns [Lead] and [support] with the listcombine function. Don’t forget to make this column the display column :bulb:

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Thank you!

  1. Won’t changing the display column on a view then change the display column on the source table?
  2. Is there a way where I can have the setup you’ve listed but have the project name on the actual gantt bars?

Dear @Sam_Smith,

  1. When the view column in the source table is changed, it will change also in the generated views
  2. For the time being the styling options are very limited, especially when you are used to Excel/Sheets.