Task dates have an offset in Gantt view

I’m using Gantt view in my projects and on some of them, the dates of the task don’t match with the month/weeks vertical bar and with the “today” red bar.

Here is an exemple where everything is fine:
Today is the 9th of December, task 1 finishes today and task 2 starts today. Red bar is between the 2 tasks.

Here I add a task that goes a few months back in the past. There is now an offset, my tasks have shifted by around a week. The red bar is no longer between tasks 1 and 2:

The shift seems related to how far in the past the Gantt chart begins. If task 3 starts more recently, the shift is less important. It doesn’t seem to shift if we have task extending in the future though.

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I also have this same issue.