Gantt Chart Date Error

My Gantt Chart thinks that the items I’ve ordered will arrive in the year 2140.

But my order date and estimated arrival date for that product clearly end in the 2020s.

My chart display setup looks like this:

This might have to do with how the date was entered. That’s at least something to double check first, then we can at least rule that out.

You can create a column next to one of those and use [Start Date].ToText() to see if the date is written different.

You can write into Coda Support as well so we can take a peak there and see if something else is going on.

Looks fine. Does have mixed types (Datetime and Date) but I wouldn’t expect that to cause issues

[Estimated Arrival].ToText()


Dear @Connor_McCormick,

From personal experience I learned that It’s very important to be consistent with the content format of your column and these kind of error happen when you import or copy info.

I am rather sure that when you correct them to one type, the Gantt chart will be fine :thinking:

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No that wasn’t the issue.

The solution was to use .ToDate()or ToDatetime() at the end to fix the error.

Occasionally, formulas get confused and return content as the wrong type. Specifying it explicitly solves this problem.

Thanks to the amazing Coda support for the help!

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Dear @Connor_McCormick,

This proofs again how important it is to have a sample doc, as from screenshot you can’t see the underlying date.

Great news, the most important that it’s solved.

Hmm - I ran into a different manifestation of what I believe is the same underlying issue and am adding it here because I think it’s a bug worth reporting.

I was initializing new rows in a column as such: thisRow.[Initiative Due On]

The “Initiative Due on” column is a date, so here I’m really just copying a date value from another column. When I use that in Gantt it would throw an error.

When I added toDate(), however, it worked as expected: thisRow.[Initiative Due On].toDate()

I don’t think it should be necessary because the originating column is already a date!