UK Dates not sorting correctly!


Using a column with date, format dd/mm/yyyy (UK) and the table sort on this is incorrect.
Guidance or fix needed, please.


I have resolve this. I had imported CSV data and the doc had applied a text value. When I changed the column type to date format I had to edit each cell to ‘fix’ the format.

This does raise a question though. If you import from CSV how to you get the column types set? In my case I only had about 15 rows, but if you had many more this would not be good.


Have you tried to copy paste from Excel to CODA straight away

Hi Jean Pierre,

In this instance no, I imported a CSV file that was exported from sheets.

I have yet to try copy-paste from a Google sheet in the browser.

I updated to say that I found changing the column type from it’s original Text to Date did not work and I had to edit each cell to get a ‘true’ date, then it sorted correctly.

It would be good to understand, rather than trial and error, which are the preferred use cases for each data type. If this is known then a chart of import method vs expected results would be useful, especially for new users.

Many thanks.

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