Copying dates from Excel


When I copy and paste my dates in the UK format from Excel (01/09/2022) to Coda, coda won’t recognise them as dates. I have tried to change the column in Excel to Date and then change the column format in Coda to date and I also make sure the date format is the UK version but I still get the little red triangle - any ideas?


Hi @Charlotte_Fisher

Same here, I’m in France so I work with dd/mm/yyyy
If I wanna copy paste data from Excel to Coda, I have to put Excel’s format to mm/dd/yyyy and then it’s automatically detected as date in coda, and then you can switch to dd/mm/yyyy

Not so complicated, and I did not spend too much time on this as it was quite easy from XL.

Oh wow - what an easy fix! Thanks so much Quentin you have saved me hours of faffing about.


Hi @Charlotte_Fisher ,

Be my guest, happy to be helpful.
See you soon in another post :wink:


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