Copy dates from coda to excel as a european inconsistent

When I copy dates from a coda doc to excel they are pasted inconsistently: sometimes in the uk format sometimes with a dot. Seems it depends if I use the date picker or type in makes a difference…but not everytime.
I tried differented approaches: Date Format, Text Format etc.


I have exactly the same problem, which leads into:

  1. mistakes & miscommunication
  2. more work: retyping the data
  3. frustration because formulas do not work or do not add up correctly.

Same applies for valuta formats.
Right now we have 4 work arounds and checking systems in place and still…

When does CODA become user friendly for European users?

What are your workarounds?
Mine is to set the row type to text, which is not optimal .-(

I have had the same problem. It’s annoying.