Exclude Weekend in the calendar/gantt chart

That’s the problem, I tried to create a gantt chart using START and DURATION columns.

I expected to see how the time would be distributed from the starting date to the date that will be calculated based on the duration of the work.

The problem was that it is impossible to exclude weekends when applied to real dates.

I couldn’t do it in the calendar either.
The schedule is built without taking into account that no one will work on Saturday and Sunday.

Maybe I was looking bad in the FAQ.
I was able to find this topic - Automatically Exlude Work during Weekends
But I did not understand how I can apply to my problem.

I would be grateful for the help.

Hello @santonia_santy,

This is available with coda’s default “Workday” calculation

[Start] is entered by you
[Working Days] is entered by you
[End] is calculated by =Workday(Start,[Working Days]) and you can add in a list of holidays if you wish
[Real Duration] is calculated by =End-Start

Producing the below, hope that helps!
Thanks, Bobby


Hey @Bobby_Ritter,

How did you add this vertical red line in your gantt chart?

Hello @Lucas_Souza,

It should be automatic based on today’s date - do you have a doc where it is not showing?


Hey @Bobby_Ritter, I’m using a pre-made template: https://coda.io/t/Task-Tracking-with-Dependencies_tZnoywflqa_/preview?useBack which is showing a vertical red line. However, when I click on the Gantt chart, the red line fades out.

Ah, I see! I think it’s because all of the tasks in their example are too early for today to register. I updated their “Write script” task to instead have a budgeted start date of June 15th. The line then reappeared in the Gantt chart:


Thank you @Bobby_Ritter,

How did you change that “Write script”?

I want to apply same changes on my doc.


Never mind. First task is starting in August 2019, that’s the reason why I’m not seeing the vertical red line😬

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