Chart to Keep Track of Daily Points?

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create a bar graph or table that keeps track of each student’s daily points and then totals them at the end of the week. Can I do that? I don’t understand how to program my totals column either-- so advice for that is welcome as well! TYIA!

allo –

I am new here & learning but happy to have a look.

could you share or make a copy of the doc? the structure is not clear from screenshot.

cheers –s

Yes, here you go! Thank you for helping me!

I tried doing what the AI suggested, but it didn’t work for me.

looks like a fun starter project :slight_smile:

the original doc appears to be ported from excel (or google sheets etc)? the structure will not map easily to Coda from my perspective. curious why you chose Coda?

if goal is more along the lines of starting from scratch then Coda is a way better tool imo. it is a bit of a climb though, from my experience.

I made a little progress that will hopefully get you moving faster in the right direction. I made a copy but left original structure in place. i also added some notes but feel free to follow up in the doc with questions etc.

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