Chart with aggregate values sorted by size, help please!

Hi, I have a table with different teams, and how much each team has grown over the last 30 years roughly. Each time there is growth the amount and date is tracked. I’ve had this issue before and this is what I think is the problem: when I group by team, I get the aggregate value… I then sort by size, but the size is sorted by each individual entry. So the team that had the largest individual entry is considered the largest, not the largest sum of all the entries. I have come across this issue repeatedly when grouping data, I’d like to sort by the grouping results. How can I do this?

I found a way to do this before, but I couldn’t implement it repeatedly successfully!

Hi @Margarita_Alonzo ,

Without seeing the doc it’s hard to troubleshoot with you, but my thought is you could create a secondary table that will lookup to the team names, and then formulaically pull in the values you are trying to calculate, from there, you should be able to turn that table into a chart, if you are still looking for that, or you would simply leave it as progress bars.

I hope that helps! If you run into any other challenges, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support!

All my best,

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