Top 10 list from table

Hi I’m trying to create a projecttracker for a high-volume project driven consulting firm. I would like to create a type of dashboard where I show the top performers based on client/client-group (both columns in the table).
I have 2 issues:

  1. When I create a view on the projects table where I group by client/client-group (we have multiple projects per client per period), I can select “sort by” [fee], but it only sorts within the grouped entry of client/client-group.
    Q: Can I sort by summed fee overall (highest value group on top)?

  2. As we work with 50+ clients per consultant, I’d like to narrow the top performers to a top 10 list (as is easily done in excel, bi, sql type applications). I cannot however find any way to narrow the view to a set of top performers. Has anyone tried this yet?


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Have a look at this :

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