How to only show top 10 best clients?


I’m trying to show a bar graph of the Top 10 Clients from a table. Here is my logic and first steps:

  1. I have a raw database with clients and revenue
  2. I add a column with a formula for “Accumulates Sales”
  3. I then filter the table to only show unique clients and their accumulated sales.
  4. Then I’d like to create a graph to only show top 10 clientes. I tried to use Slice () but it doesn’t work.

I’m stuck and it’s not working… any ideas?

I think it’s not working because: The Slice() formula filters every row in the table and not only the unique client values.

Here’s the doc: Show top 10 clients?

hi @Hector_Reyes , I am a bit short in time, however this part may help you:

thisTable.Filter([Accum. Sales].Contains(thisRow.[Accum. Sales])).First().Contains(thisRow)

and to slice it up:

thisTable.Filter([Unique values]=true).Slice(1,10)

the next step is using this column in a graph, hope it helps a bit, cheers, Christiaan

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and this is the view

the formula behind is:

thisRow.[Unique values] = true and thisTable.Find(thisRow) >= 10

The slice() is good as part of a calculation, not so much to create the visual you had in mind, that is the result of a filter.

Enjoy, Christiaan

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Thank you so much @Christiaan_Huizer!

Hi @Christiaan_Huizer ! I’m trying this out but it’s not working, don’t know the exact reason why but I’ll hopefully get back soon

did you see this part :slight_smile:
so the filter is right up

what you do is create a new view of the table and this table you turn into a chart

  • you have table 1 with the data
  • you have table 2 with the filtered view
  • you have the chart based on table 2

does this help?

Hi @Christiaan_Huizer !

Thanks again for your comments. I couldn’t make it happen with those formulas, it seems that the filters overlap from the raw data table.

But, I found a workaround with some help from support:

1.- Transform the “Client” column to Lookup
2.- Create the Lookup table with “Clients”
3.- Add a “Accum. Sales” Column
4.- Use a filter on that table to only show top 10 →
thisRow.In(thisTable.Sort(false(),thisTable.[Accum. Sales]).Slice(1,10))

I made a “Option B” page to show how it works:

Let me know what you think! Thanks!