Sort Pie Chart by Size

I have a pie chart representing education completed of a list of people. But this layout is nonsense. Pie charts should always be sorted in order of proportion - highest to lowest, starting at 12 o’clock. Is there a way to change this so it’s properly designed?

Hi there @Dimitri_Zakharov :blush:

You should be able to sort that pie chart using Sort menu, to the right of Options and select the appropriate field there to do so :blush: (or create one if necessary).

But how do you sort by the total count of each category? This is a multiple select column. If I sort by it, it just orders them alphabetically. That’s not what I want.

Would you mind sharing a sample doc with us ? :blush:

It’s hard to say if it’s actually doable with just a chart. It was just a suggestion seeing there was no sorting applied to your chart :blush: .

Can’t share but build any table with a text column that’s multi select, randomly enter text options, then try to sort by count largest to smallest.

Something like this ? :blush:

I didn’t use a strict multi-select though but created one using another table and a Lookup field which act as a multi-select :blush:

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Ok, so I guess I need to create an inverted table to do this count by category. Thanks.

You’re welcome :wink: !

There might be others ways to get to that count but it really depends on how you build your doc :wink:.

This is to me, the easiest way to do so (without any knowledge of your setup :blush:)