Check if a value falls within a range

Any elegant formula to check if a value lies within a range?

Using switchIf is what my gut tells me to do here, however, I’d like to easily edit the ranges from a table without having to toy with the formula.

Hope this makes sense…

Thanks guys!

Something like this ? :slight_smile:
(There’s an example with an If() and one with SwitchIf())


Even simpler, just
thisRow.Value >= thisRow.[Min Range] AND thisRow.Value <= thisRow.[Max Range]

I’m wondering why I’m seeing so many people eager to wrap what already produces a true/false value into If(..., True(), False()). Is this an Excel habit?


@Paul_Danyliuk : Thanks :grin: :+1: ! I added it to the doc :grin: !

(:rofl: I really have a problem with “simple formulas” :rofl: … I always go for the “complex ones” first :sweat_smile: )

Not coming from Excel or Sheets, I think, at least in my case, it comes from the fact that I’m getting used to write complex formulas to do complex things with my docs (it becomes a reflex, an instinct) and I’m simply losing sight of the very simple formulas (like in this case where, effectively, the result can only be True() or False() and I just forgot it) :wink: .

There’s that and the fact that I’m not fully awake yet :yum:

But thank you for the reminder :grin:

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Awesome contributions fam! Appreciate the time and help!

“Is this an Excel habit?” never thought in the age of Coda this would sting so much. :joy:

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You help is very appreciated!

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Glad to know it helped :wink: !

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