Checkbox outside tables (in canvas)

Hello everyone!

It would be awesome to have checkboxes in canvas, not only tables. When creating notes, it is very useful to create checklists with a clearer layout than using tables.

Is that on the roadmap?

You can put checkboxes on the canvas - they’re down in the Controls section. :slight_smile:

Oh! I made a mistake. I meant inside a table property.

I have a column of a tasks table which is “Notes” where I make annotations for this particular task.

Expanding this column is similar to using the canvas (image below). But the Control section isn’t available.

Oh I see. Yes, if you dump a checkbox out you just get true or false. You could use images to represent checked and unchecked boxes but they wouldn’t be interactive.

Not sure there’s an alternative - it’s not an issue I’ve run into before. Sorry!

Thanks anyway @Nick_Milner!

Anyone have the same request out there?

@Higuel_Noroes if you are needing for checkbox inside table cell, my first reaction is to suggest you to use lookup and create subtable to show all task items inside a meeting entry. -

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Hi all, just posting an update to let you know that we just shipped checklists in text. Take a look here!

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