Checking and Unchecking a Checkbox with a Button

I’m trying to do quite a simple action. I have a table that plays a video when “PlayNow” checkbox is checked. To make it more useable, I’m trying to turn the PlayNow checkbox into a button, which is much more user friendly for this particular usecase.

Under Label for the button I have “If(thisRow.PlayNow,“Reset”,“Play”)”. This works perfectly.

However, I can’t seem to get the button to check/uncheck based on the button. The code I have under action is “If(thisRow.PlayNow, thisRow.PlayNow=false, thisRow.PlayNow=true)”

In theory, this should toggle the checkbox between checked and unchecked, but instead it does nothing. A link to the document is here:

Any suggestions?

Dear @Matt_Goldenberg

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I want to refer you to this post on how to toggle a button

How to create a toggle button?

Hopefully that works for you, if not, just come back to the community