Create a button to uncheck


Hey there, I’m trying to create a button to uncheck all checked checkboxes in a column associated with a todo list. Any ideas?


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You can create a button to Modify Rows. The Filter would be if ColumnCheckbox=True.


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you can put a button and then have following formula to uncheck all checkboxes

ToDos.Filter(Completed).ModifyRows(Completed, false)

in above formula, ToDos is the name of the table and Completed is a column with checkboxes.


hmmm, can’t get it to work. This is my crack at it:

From what I can see, the value of a checked box is either true or false. Sorry complete newbie here. Thanks!


Please try with above formula. ToDos is a table name so in your case it would be Template CheckList and completed is a column name so in your case it would be Status

  1. Click the orange plus sign to create a button (Give it a nice name!)

  2. Click the Function button under the ACTION header (the white ƒ):

  3. Paste in this formula: [Template Checklist].Filter(Status).ModifyRows(Status, false)

  4. Click the button!