Circular reference error in table filter when duplicating pages

This has occurred on 4 pages in the same doc when duplicating the page (duplication options = this page only, connected data)

Original page filter formula:
thisRow.Select = true OR ((thisRow.Select= false) AND (thisTable.Filter(Select).Count() = 0))

Resulting filter formula in duplicated page:
thisRow.Select = true OR ((thisRow.Select= false) AND ([View of TABLE NAME].Filter(Select).Count() = 0))

The duplicate page has a red dot indicating the error in the filter

Hey @Adam_Maggs would you be able to share your doc here so we can take a closer look?

Hi @Jasmine_B
The doc is

A further complication has now evolved… I replaced the broken formula on the duplicated page with a version of the original formula so that it would work. Unfortunately now I can’t delete the (hidden) duplicated page without it breaking the parent page.

Let me know if you’d like me to provide edit access. Or perhaps, since this is a live checkout page, I could provide a copied doc?

Hey Adam, sorry for the delay. I think we’ll need to see the non-published doc to better address the problem. Feel free to include that here, or follow up directly with Coda support for more help. You can reach support at, or opening a chat through the question mark at the bottom right of your screen while on Coda.