Clicking on table in duplicated subpage now taking me to main page

So this started happening recently and I’ve checked as best I can that I didn’t cause it so I think it’s a bug.

Whenever I duplicate a page along with some subpages and then edit the table in one of the subpages (that is also copied as a view) I’m automatically taken to main page as seen below.

11-16-2022 (17-35-54)

Moreover, when I check on the connections of the main table (the one that the views are generated from), everything seems to link correctly to the proper views/tables except for the one I just duplicated (i.e. the one that is problematic). It seems to for whatever reason be connected to the main page.

11-16-2022 (19-20-55)

Please help! This system was working awesomely for a while and now it’s not which is REALLY frustrating.

Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this issue. Our team has identified this as a known bug and we’ve added your report to our team’s bug tracking system.

We will be sure to post updates here as we have them! Apologies for any disruption that this may be causing in the meantime.

Any update on this? I have the same issue, it’s persistent and annoying. It requires me to work outside of Coda.

How is this going? I now have a new issue which is especially annoying cause it prevents me from doing the workaround for this.

I use to be able to just cut the content of the subpage (including the problematic table) and repaste it right back on the subpage and it would solve the issue, but now I can’t even do that – the doc errors out and shows me this:

when I try and delete the problematic table. An update on this would be greatly appreciated.