When using "Duplicate page" and having formula that have a reference inside a page, new reference is not used in subpage

Hi there,

I find the duplicate page really powerful, although it looks like there’s a hole somewhere.

Let me try to explain.
I’ve created a template allowing to follow some datas, based on a project.
In the template I define the Project I want to follow.
When I duplicate the page, I want my new reference to be used for the new page created.

Let’s have an example here :
You can see in my template i have defined a lookup to choose which project this template is for. In the subpage I use this value to filter data in my formulas
When I click on the “Duplicate” everything get’s correctly duplicated, I have a new control. But the new control doesn’t control my subpages view !

Does anyone have any idea about that ?


I guess there’s no update on that ?
For the moment, the moment the only way to by pass this is to add a control on each subpage !
Thanks :slight_smile: