Click on Button inside table -> Add template to the canvas inside that table

I want the purple button to add my template to the canvas space just like this:


It’s useful because I can add a template with just one click and it’s intuitive.

Hi Fran,

There is no need to add a button to achieve this, you can tell Coda to pull in a template by default, like this:

You could also write a little formula if you have different templates, and you want Coda to pull in a template depending on another column in the

In the Coda | Learn Coda, the Coda learning doc document you can find out more about how to get the canvas columns(s) displaying exactly where you want them at Lesson 11: Table Layouts.
More info about Canvas Columns can be found in lesson 18: Canvas Columns.

Best Regards
Rambling Pete


That doesn’t really work for me since I don’t want to add a new table Template for every new “row”, because I don’t need it for every new row and it seems like it would just clutter up my document with empty tables.

I would prefer it to be optional for every new row.

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